Worship Arts

At Fork Christian Church we realize that worship is a way of life. Every time a person pauses in their day to be grateful, to serve another person, or to live intentionally to please God, it is worship. We encourage everyone to worship God daily with how they live. 

But every week, we meet together to worship God in a larger group setting. It’s what people mean when they say, “I’m going to church.” At these worship gatherings you can expect great music, friendly people, and an encouraging message.

THE music

Music has the power to speak to the heart! Since we all have hearts that thrive on encouragement and that need to be energized – the music at Fork Christian Church is encouraging and energizing. We want you to get a lift and not a letdown when you come to church! On Sunday mornings we have two identical worship services at 9:00 and 11:00am. These services employ a band and other multi-media elements. 

the message

At a lot of churches, the message (or sermon) is the most boring half hour of the week. At Fork, our ministers focus their messages on real life issues. We want you to be able to say that what we talked about on the weekend gave you something that could help you on Monday: in your family, at your work, with your life. At the core of it all is the fact that God has made all of us to know Him and be loved by Him. It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship with God. It’s not about pretending that we’re perfect, it’s about a God who is willing to give His grace to grow us. 

The schedule

We have two worship times each Sunday morning. No matter how your Sunday morning schedule shakes out, there is probably a worship service you can plug into.  If you can't make it to our campus you can watch live every Sunday here.

9:00 am Modern Worship with children’s ministry opportunities

11:00 am Modern Worship with children’s ministry opportunities