We have a passion for people, our community and our world.  Our culture and leadership is characterized by this simple phrase: "Experiencing and sharing God's love." Our core values are biblical teaching, authentic worship, compassionate service, meaningful relationships, and an outward focus.

While God and the Bible are the ultimate authority for Fork Christian Church, there is a leadership structure to keep the day-to-day operations and ministry of the church moving correctly. The leadership of Fork has a few integral parts.


Lead Pastor Josh Haltom and the other four pastors on staff provide the leadership and everyday decision making. The paid staff is made up of full-time ministry staff, full-time support staff, and part-time ministry and support staff.


FCC is first and foremost an elder-led church, each elder overseeing a specific ministry. The elders provide oversight, vision, and guidance to the corporate side of the church and, most importantly, the spiritual side of the church. If you have a praise or question, please feel free to contact elders@forkchristian.org. The elders and the ministries they have leadership over:

Brian Atha // Childrens Ministries


Scott Cantner // Student Ministries


Kelly Cessna // Facility & Building Ministries


Bruce Pennewill // Care & Adult Ministries


Mark Warner // Lead Pastor Ministries


Josh Walker // Financial & Worship Ministries