Small Groups

we are created to live in community

Grow Together

Meeting in small groups affords us all the opportunity to more fully experience God through close relationships as we pray and laugh together, as we encourage and help one another, and as we study and live out God’s word together – simply put, it’s where we grow together by doing life together.

Small groups consist of three or more people in various life stages who meet on a regular basis – these can be families, friends, or even perfect strangers.

“Small group” is not an event, or a location, it is a community. Tap the button below to find your group!

Dig In Questions

Week of April 14, 2024 – Got Questions? What About Politics?


 Everyone has questions, and so do you. Over the past year, we have surveyed you through social media and in person and chosen the top questions you want answered from the Bible. Have you ever wondered, “What are Christians supposed to do with politics?” “Is it okay to vote for any candidate?” “What do I do if politics has taken over my family and caused so much division?”

**Due to the nature of this topic, we encourage extreme caution during the discussion. Col. 4:6  Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.**

Dig-In Questions:

      1. Get to know you/icebreaker question: Do you have any friends who passionately disagree with you about an important issue? How do you maintain friendships with people you disagree with?
      2. For many, politics is an area of great passion; is that true for you?  
      3. Idolatry is defined as the worship of idols or excessive devotion to or reverence for some person or thing. When would you be able to know when politics (a person or a party) has become an idol in your life?  
      4. Our culture has created expectations of excessive devotion in politics, while God has written expectations of proper devotion and perspective. If in a group, each person take a point and read the scripture assigned to it.  Then, discuss the implication of the biblical truth and how this truth should impact how you would handle something like politics differently than the rest of the world.
        1. The world says your identity is found in your political, ethnic, national, or other earthly identities, but God says your identity and location are in the kingdom of Christ, not any kingdom on earth.
          1. Read Col. 3:1-4 and Phil. 3:20 and discuss.
        2. The world says to have passion for your preference, but God says to submit to my selection.
          1. Read Rom. 13:1-2 and discuss.
        3. The world says other people are the problem, but God says other people are the mission.
          1. Read Luke 19:10, 1 Cor. 9:19-23 and discuss.
        4. The world says to speak your mind, but God says to mind your speech.
          1. Read Eph. 4:29-30 and discuss.
      5. Which of these four do you need to focus on to avoid letting politics or any other earthly identity become an idol in your life? Pray for one another to see Jesus as King of Kings and for our primary objective to be to win as many people as possible for His kingdom.

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