Small Groups

we are created to live in community

Grow Together

Meeting in small groups affords us all the opportunity to more fully experience God through close relationships as we pray and laugh together, as we encourage and help one another, and as we study and live out God’s word together – simply put, it’s where we grow together by doing life together.

Small groups consist of three or more people in various life stages who meet on a regular basis – these can be families, friends, or even perfect strangers.

“Small group” is not an event, or a location, it is a community. Tap the button below to find your group!

Dig In Questions

After each Sunday morning message, we want you to dig in a little deeper with your personal study, with your family, or with your small group – that’s why we offer “Dig In” questions that supplement each message. You can follow along with the Dig In questions for this week’s message on The Hub or for other recent messages by tapping right here.

Interested in leading a small group, being in a small group, or providing child care for a small group? Click below!