Gift Exchange: Worthless For Purpose

December 3, 2023


When we encounter God, sometimes we shy away from him because we think that we have nothing to offer him. The hurt caused by others, the enemy, and ourselves can leave us feeling worthless. The message of the Shepherds at the birth of Christ gives us hope that God can exchange our “worthless” for His “purpose”.

In light of this week’s message, we encourage you to consider these questions and dig in a little deeper with your personal study, with your family, or with your small group.


  1. “Get to know you” question: What is your favorite part of Christmas or the Christmas season? Why?
  2. Have you ever received a gift from someone that was much more valuable than the one you gave them? How did you handle the situation?
  3.  Read Luke 2:1-20 Do you think it is significant that the Angel appeared to the shepherds? What made it significant?
  4. When the Angel encountered the shepherds, the Angel never told them to go to find the Christ Child. Why do you think they went? What could they possibly offer to Jesus?
  5. The message of the shepherds is that God wants to exchange our “worthless” for “purpose”. Sometimes we experience worthlessness at the hands of others, sometimes at the hands of the devil and sometimes by our own hands. Has there been a season in your life where you felt like you were worthless? Where did that “worthless” come from?
  6. Read Romans 8:28 This verse is for believers in Jesus. In light of this verse, how has God exchanged your worthless (Mess, failures, mistakes) for his purpose?
  7. Read Jeremiah 29:11 Keeping in mind the original context and audience it was intended for; how do the principles of the promise apply to moving from worthless to purpose?

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